The GDRI is a structure affilated to the CNRS and associated to the GDR Théorie de Lie algébrique et géométrique.  The coordinator of the GDRI is Nicolas Jacon (Université de Reims) and it is managed by the Fédération ARC Reims-Amiens-Compiègne.

   The Scientific commitee is  :
This is a continuation of the GDRI 571 "French-British-German network in Representation Theory".

The Principles

The GDRI is supported by the CNRS to the amount of 15k€ per year. It is meant to help mobility of young (or possibly less young) researchers in representation theory between France, UK and Germany, and to support representation theory conferences and workshops where French, British and German colleagues will meet.

You can ask for a financial support to the GDRI if:
  1. you work in France and would like to visit a UK or German institution,
  2. you work in Germany or UK and would like to visit a French institution,
  3. you work in France and organize a meeting with British and/or German colleagues as participants.
If you want to apply for a support, you have to contact Nicolas Jacon "nicolas.jacon(arobase)".
The GDRI will soon been affiliated to similar project in UK and Germany.

Note pour les Français: le fonctionnement du GDRI est de faire des virements CNRS sur les comptes CNRS des laboratoires concernés. Le GDRI n'établit pas de missions. C'est à chacun des laboratoires concernés de le faire, ils seront remboursés après.

Supported By the GDRI :

 Report of the GDRI for the year 2016, 2017, 2018 (in French).

In 2018 :


  1. Algebraic Combinatorics , Reims, June 21-22, 2018.
  2. Conference Cluster Algebras : twenty years on, CIRM (Luminy), March 19-23 2018.
  3. Journées du GDR Théorie de Lie,  St Etienne, May 17-18, 2018.
  4. Conference: Algebraic Groups in Lyon, Sept 29-Oct 02 2018.
  5. Representations in Lie Theory and interactions, CIRM (Luminy), November 05-09 2018.
  6. Nikolaus conference, Aachen,  December 2018.

Scientific Visits

  1. Jan Frahm (Erlangen) from 21/O3/18 to 23/03/18 in Strasbourg (France). 
  2. J-B Gramain (Aberdeen) from 12/03/18 to 13/03/18 in Reims (France)
  3. G. Bellamy (Glasgow) from 17/06 to 22/06 in Montpellier (France)
  4. E. Herscovich (Grenoble) from 01/06/18 to 01/07/18 in Bielfeld (Germany).
  5. E. Vasserot and P. Boalch from 22/03/18 to 24/O3/18 in Aberdeen (UK)
  6. E. Ménard (Caen) in Koln (Germany)
  7. J. Guilhot (Tours) from 01/03/18 to 09/03/18 in Bad Honnef (Germany)
  8. H.Fallet (Amiens) from 09/09/18 to 15/09/18 inBochum (Germany)

In 2017 :


  1. Colloque tournant du GDR TLAG, Amiens, 1 February to 3 February 2017.  
  2. Conference New Trends in Representation Theory : The impact of cluster theory in Representation theory in Leicester, 19 June 2017 to 23 June 2017
  3. Summer School "Current topics in the theory of algebraic groups ", Dijon, 3 July to 7 July 2017.
  4. Sixth edition of the ARTA conference: Advances in Representation Theory of Algebras VI - Geometry and Homology
  5. Journées du GDR TLAG, Clermont-Ferrand, 21 September to 22 September 2017.
  6. Groups St Andrews in Birmingham, 5 August to 14 august 2017.
  7. Nikolaus conference, Aachen,  December 2017.

Scientific Visits

  1. E. Gianelli (Cambridge) from 03/04/17 to 05/04/17 in Reims (France).
  2. J. Lynd  (Aberdeen) from 05/04/17 ro 06/04/17 in Aberdeen (UK).
  3. S. Park (Southampton) from 21/04/17 to 24/04/17 in Amiens (France).
  4. E. Herscovich (Grenoble) from 02/05/17 to 28/05/17 in Bielfeld (Germany).
  5. N. Snashall (Leicester) in September 2017 in Clermont-Ferrand (France).
  6. V. Sécherre (Versailles)  in Norwish (UK).
  7. O. Brunat in May 2017 in Aberdeen (UK)
  8. K. Magaard (Birmingham) from 09/05/17 to 13/05/17 in Amiens (France).
  9. G. Henniart (Paris Sud) from 05/06/17 to 06/06/17 in London King's College (UK)
  10. M .Ramponi (Poitiers) in May and June 2017 in Berlin (Germany).
  11. L. Moci (Paris VII) in Berlin (Germany)
  12. N.Matringe (Poitiers) in August 2017 in London (UK)
  13. A.Esterle (Amiens) in June 2017 in Birmingham (UK)
  14. C.Bowman (London) in September 2017 in Reims.
  15. A-L Thiel (Stuttgart) in September 2017 in Nancy.

In 2016 :


  1. Conference  GDRI 571 "Journée de Théorie des représentations", Reims  21 January 2016.
  2. Conference "Groupes algébriques, géométrie et représentations", Caen 16 March 2016 to 18 March2016.
  3. Conference "Algebraisation and Geometrisation in the Langlands Program"  Bristol (UK)  29 March 2016 to 01 April2016.
  4. Conference "Lie Theory and Representation Theory", University of Koln, 22 August au 26 August 2016.
  5. Conference "Kronecker Coefficients 2016", London, 5 September to 9 September 2016.
  6. Conference "Combinatoire algébrique en Théorie des représentations", Marseille CIRM,  29 August 2016 to 02 September 2016.
  7. Conference  "Finite Chevalley groups, reflection groups and braid groups - A conference in honor of Professor Jean Michel", 21 September to 23 September 2016.
  8. Conference "Representations of finite and p-adic groups of Lie type", Marseille CIRM, 7 November 2016 to 11 November 2016.
  9. Nikolaus conference, Aachen, 8 December 2016 to 10 December 2016.

Scientific Visits

  1. Nadir Matringe (Poitiers) from 27/10/15 to 01/11/15 in Bristol (UK)
  2. Jean Michel (Paris VII) from 17/02/16 to 19/02/16 in Stuttgart (Germany)
  3. Anne Moreau (Poitiers) from 02/04/16 to 09/04/16 in Edinburgh (conference Representation Theory and Symplectic Singularities)
  4. Olivier Brunat (Paris VII) from 25/04/16 to 29/04/16 in Stuttgart (Germany)
  5. Olivier Dudas (Paris VII) from 12/06/16 to 16/06/16 in Jena (Germany)
  6. Jacques Alev (Reims) from 06/07/16 to 13/07/16 in Kent (UK)
  7. Vincent Sécherre (Versailles) from 18/07/16 to 22/07/16 in Norwish (UK)
  8. César Lecoutre (Kent) from 06/12/16 to 08/12/16 in Reims (France)